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Summer Reading » 2nd Grade

2nd Grade 2nd Grade



Over the summer your child will be required to read, or have read to him/her at least 4 books.  You can use a combination of reading to your child as well your child reading to you.  As much as possible read with your child 10-15 minutes each day.  It is important that you and your child discuss what you have read every day.  Below is a detailed outline of what will be required reading:


Mandatory Reading

Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures – The Mount Rushmore Calamity by Sara Pennypacker.

            After reading this book, please complete The Mount Rushmore Calamity Report Form and return it on the first day of school.  This will be your child’s first grade of the school year.


* Selected Reading—Choose any 3 books from the following list and after reading them complete the Selected Reading Report Forms and return them on the first day of school.  This will be your child’s second grade of the year.

Arthur (Chapter Book Series—any book)                               by Marc Brown

American Girls Collection (any book)                                    by Valerie Tripp

Ramona Collection (any book)                                               by Beverly Cleary

Henry Huggins                                                                        by Beverly Cleary

Mummies in the Morning                                                        by Mary Pope Osborne

Velveteen Rabbit                                                                     by Margery Williams

Winnie-the-Pooh                                                                     by A. A. Milne

Make Way for Ducklings                                                         by Robert McCloskey

The Railway Children                                                             by E. Nesbit

Owls in the Family                                                                  by Farley Mowat


Mandatory Reading Books are available for purchase in the School Office.

Price: Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures - The Mount Rushmore Calamity—$9.00

VHA will buy the book back from you after the first day of school for half of the original purchase price.

* Selected Reading Books may be checked out of local libraries or purchased at bookstores.  If you have trouble locating books, please call the school office.


* Parents, YOU are the key in helping your younger children select summer reading books that will be of high interest and will also be at your children’s independent reading level.  The independent reading level is the level at which your child can comfortably read and understand material without adult assistance.  Please use the following “Five Finger Rule” in choosing a book that is at the independent reading level:


Let your child choose a book he/she would like to read.  Open it to any page and let your child begin to read.  If your child comes to five words they cannot pronounce or don’t understand, put the book back.  It is too hard for them.


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