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Discipline Discipline

General Statement of Discipline


Discipline is a learning process wherein students learn self-control and recognize their responsibility to God and man. Discipline includes living by an established standard or set of rules. It is rooted in discipleship and aims at restoration of and improvements in character. Bringing glory to Christ through proper conduct is the goal of discipline. The discipline policy of Vidalia Heritage Academy is rooted in two presuppositions concerning human nature. First, man is created in the image of God by an act of God’s power for the glory of God. This gives man a high degree of dignity that he would not have if he were merely a more highly developed form of animal life. Second, due to the fall, mankind is born in sin and is by nature at enmity with God, his creator. The secular belief that man is basically good is demonstrated by Scripture and experience to be false. In holding to these presuppositions, two commonly held secular beliefs are forcefully denied: 1) that man as a result of evolutionary process is merely an animal and 2) that man is basically good. Therefore, discipline must be taught as an essential part of a students character education. It is not assumed that an individual will naturally discipline himself, but in time with proper training he will become a disciplined person.


Specific Statement of Discipline


Students are taught personal discipline by being expected to adhere to the classroom and school policies of Vidalia Heritage Academy. At times discipline is needed in order to correct behavior. This corrective discipline may be accomplished by means of firm rebuke, revoking privileges, corporal discipline, and in certain cases, suspension from school.


When corporal discipline is needed the following model will be used:

  • The student will have a clear explanation of the matter.
  • An adult witness will be present.
  • Once discipline has been administered, the teacher or headmaster will pray with the child.
  • The parents will be informed.
  • A written record is to be signed by the parent(s) and kept on file in the school office.
  • When suspension from school is the proper course, the parents and teacher will meet with the headmaster and/or board member.
  • The decision to suspend a student will be made by the headmaster.
  • Because of lack of facilities and personnel to staff an in-school suspension program, all suspensions will be out-of-school suspensions for 1 to 3 days (following parental conference and written notification).



Discipline, as a God-ordained method of correcting behavior and developing character, will be enforced at Vidalia Heritage Academy. If a student is suspended from school three times, he/she may be removed from the school for the remainder of the semester or school year, depending on the offense.

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